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A Mother’s Life

A poem written to honor the life of my mother, Phyllis Safarik Alexander (Chick).  (August 15, 1924 to August 10, 2012) She loved Shakespeare and his sonnets.  I read this at her memorial service.


She doth live more alive in this dark death

than I in life. Then many in their living.

Her essence shineth in each soul’s breath

from tireless steps and selfless giving.

Like moon and Venus gathered in Western sky

Shah and merchant rich she met with pure grace

Simple elegance humbling every lie

Yet on bended knee, bowing, tied the lace

of children’s shoes and muddy migrant boots.

Life’s meaning she could find in simple tasks.

With questions ripe bore to the very roots

of our lives. Tearing from us our false masks.

Twas thus she sought to thine own self be true

Such a life did shine so that ours might too.